Justine Burke (Metropolitan Ministries)

The LieThe date was November 24th, 2013 and it would be a day that will remain etched into my memory as if it was meant to be a destiny for a life ruined. It was a balmy evening and I had just become diagnosed the month before with Prolymphocytic T-Cell Leukemia. so it was a night I could never forget. I was feeling very nauseous all day and I was left alone in our bedroom to suffer without any help whatsoever. The brightness of the moon amongst the stars would light up my resting place, but the pain inside me was something i could not bear. Seeking refuge inside of a pill bottle full of advil, I sought to locate this painless effort inside of one of Justine’s drawers on her side of the bed. What I thought was a a gift from heaven to ease my pain would turn into the battle of a lifetime inside of this small master bedroom minutes later.The bottle said Stribild and had Justine Burke on the lable. I had no idea what this was, but than I truly knew something was wrong. I had never heard of such a pill, so I decided to see what was in the envelope below where the bottle was sitting on top of. I slowly opened up this large folded paper and what I saw would level me below the ground I stand on. Justine was diagnosed with having HIV and the date on the paperwork was June 2013. This crazy b**** had HIV and was putting me at risk and god knows who else. That story is coming, but Justine Burke, the woman I trusted with my life was now trying to kill me and that in itself brings us all to a new development.The BeginningIt was late 2o11 when I met Ms Justine Burke and she was a woman with this Boston accent and smart-a** attitude and I loved it. Meagan and I had just broken up for the 10th time and I sought refuge in a website called Christian Mingle. It wasn’t a good website to be on because you were full aware of all the liars and players using christianity as a cloud to mask the true intentions of most. I was looking for a replacement for Meagan and I was dangerously messing fire. I found a beautiful redhead who was alot older than I was, but it was a pure contrast from my fiance who was 12 yrs younger. Justine Burke was exactly 20 yrs older than the woman I was in love with, but it didnt matter. She had this amazing aura about her and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I would begin talking to this starlet for a period of a few days and when those days became weeks, it was time to meet her. Starbucks would reside as our first date on Kennedy Blvd in Tampa, and the pureness of her being as I met her would invite this evil into my heart immediately.Justine Burke was a beautiful woman with curves from a goddess and the loudness of a jeckyl. Her annoying laugh that pierced through everyones ears gave me an excuse to pull her out of the Starbucks within minutes and we found each other parked in front of an abandoned store kissing for what seemed to be an eternity. Her lips were plentiful and her tongue ever so soft, but the poison bleeding through my veins would trap me into a world I would never escape from. Meagan and I broke up officially in March 2012, and within a couple of months, Justine, her daughter Sara and I would move in together at a place called “Camden Royal Palms”. Justine and I together made plenty of money, so we decided to live the high life for a while and I thought it would allow me to get over the one woman that haunted my heart. I used Justine as a catapult to survive and it was a gamble worth taking. While this beautiful person was at my side, I would invest in an expensive brand new car and use it to my advantage. I had a brand new life and I was sharing those experiences with friends and family and the one person left out was Justine. The sex was decent, but I wasnt terribly excited about our escapades and Justine and I would make a decision that would probably haunt us forever today.Kimberly KerwinFor the several of you that read my bestselling book, The Devil in Polo, Kimberly Kerwin was a woman that I met through work about 6 months after Meagan and I broke up. The casualty of it all was that the feelings I never had for Justine were beginning to show and it was Kimberly who would save me. This young beauty was a revelation I was looking for and her mere simpleness would allow me to escape from Justine and the prison I had built around me. I had no idea the casualties for the love I would share with Kim could cause, but it would place a median between everyone I cared about and leave me in the cold for eternity. Kim and I had a very rocky relationship from the very beginning, but it was the drama I loved. The chase was on, but at the same time it was time to reveal to Justine the truth. In October of 2012, I would let my roommate in on a secret that would place our friendship at risk. I was letting her know that I wanted to date others, but the lease we shared would place us in a very tough spot. We had decided after a long talk that the friendship we had would remain true, but our love for each other took a backseat. Justine has mentioned during our fight that she was left to be lonely after moving her child to Brandon and selling all her belongings. It was my mere affection that won her over in the beginning, but it was the salesman in me that convinced her things would eventually be ok. Justine believed me and we would begin an adventure like no other and it would destroy us apart.CraigslistWith Kimberly at my side and Justine in my bed, who would merely complain about what I had. I ceased all affection with Justine and itleft her lonely beyond repair. It was I that came up with a brilliant plan to find her a few bedfellows amongst those from a website called Craigslist.com. I used the website recently to sell a few items and during my search one day, I realized it had a romance section and a casual encounters section. I pitched the idea to Justine that while I was doing my own thing, maybe she could do hers. The agreement was that we would look for men for her to have sex with, but I had to be in the room or atleast near it. It was a proposal I couldn’t refuse because I was a voyeur and this was my friend in action, so it was game on. I would conjure up an ad seeking a very endowed male to enjoy sex with Justine as I watched. The ad didnt become too popular because the only responses to it were hillbilly losers from Plant City. I had to become more enticed with my own ingenuity and that is when my plan would work beyond brilliance.The ad I would run would be that of a cougar looking for her pray. Justine was a freak in the bedroom and it would allow me to present a vixen looking for a man who was willing to give her passion. The idea would spark up a few guys that Justine agreed to chat with. Over a period of a few months, Justine would evolve into a woman desperate for as much sex as she could get. Her excuse for meeting all these men on Craigslist was never clear, but I truly think she did it to spite me. She was upset about losing me over Kimberly, but the way she performed with all these men in our own bedroom was of guilt and anger and I enjoyed each minute. Christmas of 2012 would allow Justine to purchase a video camera for our viewing pleasure and it would allow her to venture into the homes of other men. In all, we would capture a total of 13 videos over a span of 4 months and the most intriguing was the gang bang caught on camera for the world to see. I am not referring to 1 video of this….I am entertaining myself with a total of 4. Justine would have a total of 5 men at one time f*** her and it was caught on camera for my own eyes to see. I was at work while this all went on it was a magnificent site. The men were not the greatest in the world, and Justine reminded me of that with relative ease. So, the ad I placed would become the setting for the hottest adventure yet. In all, several ads were placed over a span of almost 6 months and it took the last ad to make it victorius. I invited 3 men over to the house that were all very hung and Justine would capture it all on video. One white man and 2 very large black men would have their way with her. From double penetration, to anal to oral, Justine did it all and without a whimper. It was fascinating to watch, but in a reality of my own doing, I was not the man for her. I wasn’t in love with this person because I would never allow anyone I care about do this. I became disattached from her instantly and the sexual escapades ruined everything. I thought it was allow me to find solace in her heart, but it was the breaking point that separated us. I had walked away from Kimberly Kerwin in February 2013 and decided to become closer to Justine so that I could heal from the cheating I suffered at the hands of the one woman who got between our friendship. Kimberly was the definition of disloyalty and it would shake the ground Justine and I would stand on. Justine was seeing a few men at the time, but she decided that she would stop seeing them to concentrate on me. It would be a bad decision because that is when I was deathly sick a month later. If God was punishing me for what I did to Kimberly, than he really had a good method to relinquish his anger on me. I would eventually slip into an illness that almost consumed me and my soul. The terrifying thought of dying would reveal the truth for how Justine felt about me and she just didn’t care.Crue Intentions & Bi-Polar DisorderJustine would witness a transformation in my body as I would lose a total of 38 lbs in over a month and I was deathly sick. It would take a reality and a prayer to get over my sickness and no one could figure out what was wrong. I would heal in time to realize that I thought the punishment I served would be enough to win back the heart of the woman I loved, but it wasn’t meant to be. Thoughts of both Meagan and Kim would shut Justine out and we just were never the same. I remember Justine was deathly ill from the flu for a period of a week and I did everything I could to take care of my friend, but she was a cruel b****. Diagnosed years earlier with Bi-Polar Disorder, Justine would eventually show her true colors. The medicine used to control her illness would become absent for years and during the rough 2 years at her side, it would allow me to witness the evil side of a person I had no idea i was with. If you ever get a chance to see someone in your life with Bi-Polar disorder, do not date them in the least. Without medication, I saw something in someone that believed she was always right, she was angry, upset, beyond herself and most of all, very violent at times. The toughest part about Justine was her anger. I recall one night when her daughter had spoke back to her and Justine in a gigantic rage, pulled Sara’s ear and almost damaged it. I was again the middle man in the fights between them and I held her daughter until she felt safe. I wasn’t close to Sara often, but when I was, she was beside me like no other. I treated her like my own daughter, but her mother had other plans and the lies given to her virgin ears would cause this young girl to hate me from day 1.Justine Burke was an ill person and her responsibilities as a Director of Marketing for Metropolitan Ministries was important. Somehow, she would separate her life at home and give her life to her job. There were times when she would leave work in the middle of the day and head over to her lovers house and suck him off because she was a bit promiscuous. She met a man named Theo off of Craigslist and she liked him alot. He was charming, good looking and he was a police officer. His display of weapons and his large build gave Justine a feeling of safety that she never had with anyone and she would see this man for a very long time. Justine would often brag to me that his p**** was very large and he would make love to her over and over. I knew that she was trying to make me jealous, but not once did I ever mention the sex I had with Kimberly. Justine had a way of torturing me and the ultimate game occurred the night I was sick to my stomach and seeking refuge in that pill bottle.Human Immunodeficiency VirusThe paper work inside of the envelope that was not invisible became a terrifying revelation. Did Justine place these items here for me to find out eventually? I began screaming at the top of my lungs as if I was angry at the world and as the door flew open, this vixen was shocked to see what I was holding. I showed her the pill bottle and she immediately began to calm me down and told me she had an explanation. She first lied and told me that she found out earlier in the week that she was diagnosed with HIV. She wanted to tell me, but was afraid too because she feels she got it from one of the many men she had unprotected sex with on Craigslist. I felt guilt immediately, but more anger than anything because she was lying to me. I told her that I read the envelope and that her diagnosis was many months earlier and that is when she began to blame me. Her crocodile tears masked the truth because I truly saw inside of her eyes that she was backing off from the truth. Justine picked up the closest thing to her and threw it at me. Granted this woman had a nasty temper, but her direction of aim was placed right at my head from a foot away. My natural reaction would be to block the object from striking me and when I placed my hand in front of me, it struck the side of her head. With the regret sinking inside of me, I began to comfort her, but it was too late. Justine found a reason to nail me to the cross and a phone call would change everything. I just found out Justine had HIV and without explanation, she called the Sheriffs office and conjured up a lie to have me arrested. I told the officers the truth, but even they didnt believe she had HIV. It would be that same excuse that allowed a judge a few days later to throw my arrest out and release me from jail immediately. I was charged with domestic violence and it would show the world I was some woman beater, but in reality, Justine knew she was wrong. She begged me to come back home for Thanksgiving, but I hesitated. This woman was sick with a disease because of her will to have sex with several men. I felt guilty because I thought I was the reason, but she insisted on not using condoms. I didnt care because watching her have sex with these men was enticing. Since her diagnosis in 2013, I had sex with her only 2 times and i was tested immediately after finding out and I was negative. I found myself being tested every few months to make sure my own piece of mind would satisfy my life, and it hasn’t. Justine Burke tried to infect me with a disease she gathered during her escapades and it sickens me. I stayed with Justine for months after, but in May 2014, I had enough of the lies. I moved out of her place in the middle of a lease and I decided to leave the cable bill and electric bill in my name to help her. I felt bad in a few ways, and it was agreed upon that she would hold onto my furniture until i got my own place in a few months. I would use the time away to write my next book and move on with my life. Kimberly decided to inform me in December of 2014 that her intentions of cheating were finally true and it allowed me to let go of the only thing I had in my life. The lies and deception of Kimberly became the stopping point of my obsession and released my own life into the wild as if I was ready to begin again.The Restraining OrderI had enough of Justine’s lies and games and I decided to cut off the electric and cable, but with fair warning. Right after Kim and I met on the 20th of Dec, I decided right away to cancel the last connection I had with Justine, besides my furniture. Within 2 weeks of turning off the electric and cable out of my name, Justine served me with a restraining order. I was able to gather all the information off of the paperwork Justine had filed and in her own words, she claimed I was steaking my own furniture and that I promised her things that I never promised. This was the f****** dumbest restraining order request in history and my lawyer pounced on it. At that time, Justine was unaware of a young woman I befriended years earlier in the Judges office and I was able to state my case before the hearing. The judge made an unbiased phone call and the rest is history. Justine had no chance with this false restraining order and the judge saw right through her. Why in the hell is someone so smart and educated like Justine appear to be so f****** stupid and dumb at times? Her decisions in the bedroom outweighed her education and I decided to claim her as the worst girlfriend I ever had. I spent my life with some idiots, but she was gloriously the stupidest one. She claims that she had all the sex for me, but yet there were times when she would delve into her own escapades without me and the camera. If this was my way to get off, she was wrong. She did this to herself and if she had truly loved me, no woman on earth would do this to her loved one. She would never have gone on Craigslist and she would never have f***** tons of men to satisify me. She clearly was on her own path and she chose it and now is paying for it. Justine Burke is by far the worst person I had ever met because she claims to others that she is this innocent woman who claims to love god. Well, she s*** on our relationship and in spite of her cruelty, what goes around comes around. I sit here as happy as I was when I left her and my life is better without her. She was controlling, abusive, and terrifying to be with and no other will ever claim than against me. She got her way and made it quite clear that life with her is miserable. Her marriage failed years earlier, she dated a player and a drug dealer for years, and than she found me. Wow, what a catch for me it seems, right? I have never in my entire life allowed someone to control my destiny and I wont let it happen now. Justine Burke and her HIV are now on a ath with each other and it is up to her to tell others that she has it because she could be affecting other men like she tried to with me. Its unfair to say that she did this on purpose, but it took a night of hell to find the truth and instead of comforting me with her illness, she destroyed me with her lies and tried to place me literally in prison. F*** HER!!!!

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